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WS-GF Forest Blend

WS-GF Forest Blend

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Full Bodied & Chocolaty

Hints of: Cacao Nibs, Walnut, Dark Chocolate
Grown in: Minas Gerais - Brazil
Best suited for: Espresso 


The original Perky Blend, and our most traditional tasting.

Ideal for those who like a darker, full bodied and chocolaty cup of coffee with low acidity.

Crowd pleasing, uncomplicated and laid-back, this blend works wonders brewed in a stovetop Moka Pot or as an Espresso... but is versatile enough to work as a banging filter too.


Forest Blend currently features coffee from Fazenda Samambaia based in Minas Gerais in Brazil. The cool, green hills of Sul de Minas region provide ideal conditions for coffee growing and produce some of Brazil’s finest beans.

The region is known locally as ‘Vertentes’ because it forms a border between two very important basins: the Grande River Basin (which runs to the south) and the São Francisco River Basin (which runs to the northeast).

Henrique Dias Cambraia, the owner of the farm, attributes the success of his farm to a combination of various factors, not least: the farm’s geographic location; competent technical management of the plantations, with individualised phytosanitary controls of the planting fields; constant training based on total quality control programs; and - most importantly - the involvement of the whole team that works on the farm.

Henrique is committed not only to producing high-quality coffee but to farming in a way that is socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.

For this special lot, processing starts by placing selectively harvested coffee cherries in thick stacks (30-40cm high) on a patio or raised bed. By picking only the ripest cherries, the coffee mucilage is packed full of sugars, helping to improve microbial activity. The thickness of the stacks is also controlled, as this slows down the drying ratio as the beans have less contact with the sunlight. 

Once the beans are stacked, the fermentation process may take anywhere between 24 to 48 hours, until a temperature of 38c is recorded. Once the fermentation process is finished, the cherries are moved to raised beds to undergo Samambaia’s standardised drying protocols. Fazenda Samambaia has won many awards for its high-quality coffee, including the Cup of Excellence.

The Forest blend is buzzing with tasting notes of cocoa nibswalnut and dark chocolate - the ultimate classic for any coffee lover.

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