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WS-GF Decaf

WS-GF Decaf

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Unexpected & Sweet

Hints of: Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Orange Polenta Cake
Grown in: Colombia
Best suited for: Espresso


Often frowned upon, decaf coffee can be delicious when done well. We believe they should be treated with the same respect as our other coffees, and we’re on a mission to bring you the cream of the non-caffeinated crop.

Our current decaf is a gem. Hailing from Colombia, the cup boasts notes of caramel, milk chocolate & orange polenta cake, all with a super smooth finish.


La Serranía Decaf comes from Huila, southern region in Colombia, and is grown along an isolated set of mountains within the central cordillera of the Andes - going through Pitalito, Acevedo, Palestina, Timaná, and Suaza.

This exquisite coffee represents the work of more than 50 producers who are committed to quality and excellence. 

La Serrania is  a blend of 3 coffee varieties: caturra, castillo and colombia.

It has been carefully hand-sorted and processed at each individual farm, with special attention paid to the dry fermentation process (>+26 hours) to ensure consistency, uniformity, and a clean cup profile.

La Serranía Decaf is a Natural EA Decaf Coffee, processed at the Descafecol plant in Manizales. 

The decaffeination process at this plant uses ethyl acetate, derived 100% from sugarcane mixed with mountain water. This process removes 99.7% of the caffeine present.

The beauty of the Natural EA process is that it helps preserve most of the original flavours of the coffee, while adding fruity notes and some complexity to the cup.

With soft vanilla florals, you can taste a vibrant mix of fruits such as mandarin, orange, banana and watermelon with a long  caramel aftertaste and creamy milk chocolate mouthfeel. It's definitely not your regular decaf!

We sourced these beans through our friends from Caravela, who dedicate their efforts to finding producers that are committed to quality, sustainability, equity and social welfare.

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