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WS-GE Jazzy Max

WS-GE Jazzy Max

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Funky & Jammy

Hints of: Cherry, Plum, Floral Lemonade
Grown in: Peru & Rwanda
Best suited for: Filter Brewing


Our resident Naturally Processed blend. Ideal for those who like their daily cup packed with ripe fruity flavours.

Featuring a seasonal selection of the most unique coffees from our favourite producers around the world, Jazzy Max works well for filter brewing and for those who like a fruity espresso.

Jazzy Max currently features coffees produced in Peru & Rwanda, creating a blend that showcases the best of each origin. We're talking cherry, floral lemonade and plum tasting notes.


We chose a lot produced in Jaen, region of Cajamarca, Peru, a country with unique geographical features including the high altitude of the Andes, volcanic soil, and tropical rainfall: a prime location for harvesting high-quality Arabica as good as its neighbouring countries.

Thanks to the work of the exporting company (Falcon) many post-harvest practices have improved, and with an established Quality Control lab in Jaen, farmers can analyse their coffee and taste it on many occasions for the first time, creating a fair pricing system.

This particular bean is characterised for its vibrant purple-coloured fruitiness, with notes of blueberries and plums.

The second component is sourced from Rwanda, from the farmers in the Northern Province of Gakenke District.

They used to sell their garden-grown coffee by the side of the road to passing buyers. By carefully saving their money ,investing in their own land and, with help from National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) infrastructure, they formed what has gone on to become a very successful operation.

Twongere means ‘supporting each other’ and this is exactly what they do. There are 384 cooperative members now, and Thérèse Nyrangwabije - coop’s president - is proud that 75% of members are women. 

They’re providing training and support on a number of small projects - Twongerekawa have organic chickens and goats, and chickens and eggs are given to farmers for free to fight malnutrition in the children. They are producing essential oils including eucalyptus & geranium. There are also plans to embrace eco-tourism through building eco-lodges. 

We are very proud to introduce this natural Rwandan coffee for its cherry and caramel sweetness with floral candyfloss finish.

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