WS-GE Single Origin

WS-GE Single Origin

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It’s no secret, we love to carefully blend coffees - a bit of a giveaway in our name! But we have to admit, many specialty-grade coffees are just so tasty and vibrant, there is no need to mess with these gems.

And our current Single Origin is an absolute gem. A Red Honey processed Costa Rican coffee from the Aquiares estate that produces stunning brown sugar, plum and orange zest tasting notes.

Complex but inviting, this coffee will please any coffee filter enthusiast.


Aquiares, one of Costa Rica’s most historic coffee farms, sits high on the fertile slopes of Turrialba Volcano.

Established by British farmers in 1890, Aquiares was one of the first estates to produce and export Costa Rican coffee. In 1971, the farm was purchased by its current owners who implement a modern model of sustainable agriculture.

Today, the Estate is the largest continuous coffee farm in Costa Rica, nestled between the Aquiares and Turrialba Rivers. “Aquiares” means “land between rivers” in Costa Rica’s Huetar indigenous language.

The Esperanza varietal  we use is a hybrid variety generated by a cross between Caturra and a wild Ethiopian landrace. This variety is unique to Aquiares and is well suited to the farm’s terroir.

Aquiares chose the name Esperanza, which translates to 'Hope' in English, to indicate the hope that experimental varieties like this offer for the future of coffee farming in a changing climate.

The variety’s fruity profile lends itself well to honey and natural processing, which is why the Robelos decided on processing this small lot using the Red Honey method.