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250g Blendsmiths Dark Chocolate

250g Blendsmiths Dark Chocolate

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Blendsmiths 250g Dark Chocolate Blend

Full-Bodied & Silky
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An exceptionally crafted and delicately rich drinking chocolate mixed with coconut sugar and Himalayan salt.

The Dark Chocolate Blend boasts mellow sweetness, a little natural bitterness and delivers a rich, full body of silky-smooth chocolate. An exceptional cocoa grown and harvested in the Ivory Coast, enables us to achieve an incomparable and long-lasting chocolate experience.

Pods containing the beans are harvested when sufficiently ripe. The farmer will crack open the beans, separating the seeds from the pulp, before being dried naturally.

Ingredients: Ivory Coast Cacao (51%), Coconut Sugar and Himalayan Salt.

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