WS-GW Forest Blend

WS-GW Forest Blend

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The original Perky Blend, and our most traditional tasting.

Ideal for those who like a darker, full bodied and chocolaty cup of coffee with low acidity.

Crowd pleasing, uncomplicated and laid-back, this blend works wonders brewed in a stovetop moka pot or as an espresso... but is versatile enough to work as a banging filter too.


Forest Blend currently features coffee from the Poços de Caldas - a region that showcases the most recognizable features of Brazilian coffee.

Poços de Caldas is found outside the crater of an extinct volcano in a huge plateau surrounded by fields, valleys, and mountains that can reach an altitude of 1,800 meters.

With a total area of 544 km2, around 459 km2 is strictly rural and has welcomed coffee since 1860, however, the region has only produced specialty coffee since 1991.

The region has excellent soil fertility, with naturally processed coffees representing 80% of the production. The other 20% are honey-processed coffees, creating a blend with hints of chocolate, almonds and cooked apple.

We take Forest Blend to the darker side of our roasting spectrum, making it a joy to calibrate and brew easily with an espresso machine.