WS-GW Acacia Blend

WS-GW Acacia Blend

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Acacia blend is our celebration of the Speciality Coffee World, a seasonal rotation of the cleanest and sweetest coffees.

With delicate, sweet, and fruity flavours, Acacia works well for both 
espresso and filter brewing. Our new version of Acacia Blend currently showcases coffees from Ethiopia & Guatemala


The Ethiopian coffee is produced in the Kantite area within Aroresa District in the South of Sidamo. The washing station receives cherries from more than 5000 small producers surrounding it.

These specially selected cherries are treated in flotation tanks, separating ripe from under-ripe, ensuring the quality of this coffee, characterised by its Honey & Sweet Citrus notes.

In the region of Huehuetenango, Guatemala, Maria Castillo produces Finca Belen, the second component for this blend. After collecting and pulping the cherries, it undergoes a 30-hour fermentation before being washed and spread to dry under the sun.

These Guatemalan beans add the unmistakable 
Caramel flavour, complementing the Floral delicacy of the Ethiopian coffee.