WS-GF Winter Blend

WS-GF Winter Blend

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We are excited to announce our ever-popular seasonal coffee is available now.

Illustrated by fellow East Londoners, Tom & Jess Jones-Berney, a brother and sister
design duo also known as Tomartacus.

About the Artists
Tom and Jess Jones-Berney are a brother and sister design duo based in East London, running under the moniker of Tomartacus. With Jess taking photographs of the pairs’ favourite spots in London, Tom sketches them using a Wacom tablet, resulting in a unique brand of hand drawn digital prints.

Check their work out here

About the Coffee

The 2020 edition of the Christmas blend features coffees from two great producing countries : Kenya and Brazil. 

The Kenyan coffee is a mix of the two well known SL28 and SL34 varieties. The coffee cherries were produced by a group of 400 small scale farmers in the Nyeri County in the Central region of Kenya. They were then de-pulped, washed (and re-washed), dried and prepared for export at the Mahiga Factory.

The Brazilian coffee component of this blend is a naturally processed Yellow Catuai produced by Fazenda Capim Branco. The farm has been in the Andrade family since 1901 and is located in the Cerrado Mineiro region, north of the Minas Gerais state.

In the cup, the Brazilian component is providing comfort: brown sugar sweetness and plenty of hazelnut, chocolate and berries notes. The Kenyan component is bringing the merriness by layering the blend with all sorts of juicy orange and red currant flavours as well as hints of spiciness.